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Sooo...sorry about the poor quality. Basically I have been playing Rune Factory and drew this girl with clothes/facial features/etc. from the game in mind.


-4 thumbs!
lucastcorrea Jul 4, 10
God! Rune Factory? Long Hair? Are you feeling all right? Unless you had Felicity in mind, and she's UGLY! Her feet are tort, anyway!
1 thumbs!
RebeccaScene Jul 10, 10
This is good. (= I like the details on the dress and the boots, but her feet are a little awkward. I think a little more volume on the hair, so that you can see it, would be beneficial too.
Its really nice. I like it a lot. (=
0 thumbs!
Tirannaniel Jul 15, 10
thanks, I always have a hard time with feet, and hair. my favorite part is her dress, it was really fun to draw =)
0 thumbs!
RougeRoks Aug 3, 10
Very detailed, amazing job! Keep it up!
0 thumbs!
Kutiekinzie Mar 26, 11
Whoa, cute! And you're better at drawing feet thst me! Mine always come out screwy.

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