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Long time not upload anything ^^;
So this is Harvest Moon characters, Claire & Kai
Claire either doing something nice or give something nice to Kai
And Kai spontaneous hug Claire hehe ^^
With water colour pencils and photoshop for highlight


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Bitter Sweet Mar 24, 09
    [S] :: Looks great! I love their expressions, and the soft toning!
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keyo_Rainbow_ninjaz Apr 15, 09
this is so awsome. i love it. the highlights from photoshop really lightened up that picture
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WhisperintheWind Apr 15, 09
I love how you did Claire's hair!!! It's very detailed and looks more like a realistic straw color. Kind of like how mine used to be.
Haha yeah I commented on the hair but this whole picture is really good, I give a thumbs up.
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I_love_harvest_moon0 Jun 16, 09
I love it.Looks awesome.I like the colors and how claire seems surprised.
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harvestmoon chipmunk May 1, 10
its great.i love Kai so much!!!

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