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Cliff is one of bachelor from Harvest Moon (Farm Sim Game).
At one peaceful day.

Water Colour (Pentel)
and photoshop for those light beam (highlight).
Usually I not make the lineart shown clearly enough (just lazy though not have any other reason), but now I am trying (I take advice from my friend), hmm... it does looks better, from now own I will make all my drawing like that.
Though at this drawing I only do that to Cliff and the birds. (I am lazy like that).

diablo 3 cliff


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Stitch Sep 4, 09
Wow, now that looks beautifully done.
Nice work.
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everything_will_do2 Oct 10, 09
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lavender Blush Oct 10, 09
The drawing itself looks very peaceful. ^^
I adore Cliff, and I just love the way you drew him. =D
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Piplup555 Oct 11, 09
0______0 STUPENDOUS!!STUPENDOUS!!I'm dreaming..nobody pinch me,please!! 0______0
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Quierta Feb 10, 10
This is gorgeous! The colors are really pretty and it looks glowing. However, if I may make a suggestion, I wouldn't blurr it so much around the edges. Maybe if you followed that technique but then went back and went back over the edges to make them tighter, I think it would improve it tenfold. They don't need to be black lines and they don't even need to be THAT tight, but I'm not sure the blurriness is adding anything better to it!

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