basically i drew it with pencil and i colored it with colored pencil and it took 2 and a half hours (in case you care lol) you can see a bigger pic of it here:

hope u like it!

yeah, im sort of obsessed with FE, especially Ike haha....


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Mikstaslaya Jun 26, 08
Well done. Best Fanart I've seen in a while. You managed to get the exact pose and everything.
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teal Jun 27, 08
Wow. This is really well done. Great pose, great shading and great colors too. All in 2 1/2 hrs? Whew! I'm impressed!
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InuYashaFan123 Jun 30, 08
Really impressive. I would say that the hair gives the illusion that the top of his head is flat, though.

Still it's a great job, especially for only 2.5 hours.
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Whale_Freak Jul 24, 08

yeah, i noticed that's cuz i made the face too small lol..

but at least the rest turned out as planned
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Lovedove Sep 30, 14
Well done!

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