The day finally arrived! My Park Girl's sisters came to visit. I snapped up that loli before she had chance to blink.

For non Frontier players, you have a girl in charge of your own personal park. Some days, her sisters will visit. If you strike up conversation with her enough, she will ask if you want her to look after the park instead of the current sister.

Hohoho. You're mine, now, Elena.

She got me back, though. My pugi got a fever and was dying.

Turns out it's because I didn't feed it, but I'm sure it was just Elena being a bitch to me.

You wait, Elena. I am saving up my points to get you some delicious revealing summer clothes. And you will wear them, because they are a gift, and you cannot do anything about it because you are a game character.


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Fossil86 Jul 15, 10
.....well...your wonderful.
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carealluwant33 Aug 15, 10
hahaha cool dude !!..........
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blackbeautyfan9819 Aug 17, 10
Doesn't all sisters feel this way about eachother?
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xThievesCreedx Jan 1, 12
Concept or computer generated? Your medium that is.

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