A valentine 2009 fanart of Leia having an unrequited love as she's different from the person she loves. (She's mermaid and yet she loves human)

Done using
Photoshop CS3


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CresentMoon May 10, 10
this is awesome! pretty. she is from Harvest Moon? ^w^
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clara_lin May 16, 10
yes, she's a bachelorrete from HM DS series
and yea, she's a mermaid XD
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CresentMoon May 19, 10
Well. i`m pretty sure i new she was a mermaid.^-^ although i did not know they have mermaids in HM games.i should get the DS one.thanks! >w
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ieyasu Jul 17, 10
ooh sparkles! so that's Leia? i've never played HM DS so i don't know

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