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That thing with gigantic ears is a Rapo in that one game "Drawn to Life" for the Nintendo DS. :3 It's a fan-character Rapo, not an actual one.

And that thing on top of her head is a Shiny Skitty. :3 My favorite Pokemon. <3

This whole drawing was made in Microsoft Paint. :3 Even teh background.


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sand_kunoichi23 Jul 25, 08
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iSkitty Jul 25, 08
Thank you so much. :3
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Dark Arcanine Jul 25, 08
You're just way too good Seda chan. ^^ It's so kawaii, would make for a cute flash movie or something. =3
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iSkitty Jul 29, 08
Aww, thanks Richie. ^^ But I suck at Flash. xD

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