It originally started with Zexion and I love how he's drawn and portrayed by Shiro Amano of KH chain of memories manga.

This is what I think would happen if Riku did indeed join Organization XIII... and in the drawing the ceiling light has a shade that says, "Organization XIII + 1/2" because Riku has like, 1/2 darkness. And this started out as just a fanart of Zexion^^'

Tinkerbell is in there if u can find her^o^


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khluvr1995 Aug 12, 07
thats cool
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irrelevantmaverick Sep 15, 07
Zexion: yes, I am cool
Riku: khluvr1995 was talking about ME!
Me: thanks, and the comment was about the fanart
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okin Jan 15, 09
lol i found tinker bell xD "the seaweed is always greener"...funny xP

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