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played the episode, paused it and drew her.
i really like her expression on this one, the animators/artists did a great job on it..
we all know what this expression is, but it's kinda hard to explain
it's many things, but one would be 'looking forward to the next day'

the japanese characters on the left have nothing to do with the picture..
i just drew her on a scrap paper

just finished season 1..
it's amazing in its own right. u can never fully compare it to the first one
it's like the first one's color is orange, and the legend of korra's is blue (note the colors are the same color of the main protagonists' garment)

verdict on the show so far:
i love the story, a bit tragic and sad at the end
the characters are great..

only criticism is the character general iroh.
he's got a well chiseled face, but with a not so mature voice.. it don't suit.
i know the person voicing him is the same person who voiced zuko..
so why didn't they just make General Iroh a spitting image of Zuko?, afterall theyre father and son


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