Squall is such the lady's man

lol what I didn't realize when I was drawing this is how I've grouped everyone lol
the blonds, Tidus and Cloud are on the right. The brunets are in the middle, and Rinoa, the sole one with black hair, is to the left. XD

Kudos to my bf for the inspiration =D meh, I had a kick drawing it =3


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Bale Fire Mar 22, 09
Two things.

Detail on the Tidus and Cloud could be a little better, like the arms and legs.

And where's Rinoa, I only see Yuna and Aerith?

Still a very nice piece, love Squall's expression
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nayru20 Mar 23, 09
My bad. I uploaded the wrong picture ^^;;
This is "Pimp Squall" before I finished. You are right, I hadn't added Rinoa to this one yet lol

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