Luna Lovegood is my all time favorite Harry Potter character
I adore the actress they chose for her in the movies, Evanna Lynch. This is my contribution to her =]

anyways, I'm happy with this pic. It only took about 3 hours to draw lol that's fast to me xD

As always, thanks for looking and comments, pointers, and critiques are very much welcomed =D


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Bale Fire Jul 22, 09
Pretty nice, I like Luna's character as well.

Only critique I can really make is that I think the body is a tad to small in comparison to the head, but its barely noticeable. Nice job!

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TheLittlestChocobo Jul 28, 09
I love Luna!
you did a really ghreat job with the hair in particular, I think, not that the rest isn't excellent
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Mk444 Aug 17, 09
WOW! You are amazing! I love the hair-and you did a great job shadowing!
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Skater Girl Oct 11, 09
That is awesome~! >=D
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baibai216 Jan 16, 11
Whoa! I am not even a big fan of Luna, but that is just amazing!! You've got some major skills with drawing!!!

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