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*******Note********* Please read this from right to left xD I was in manga mode when I drew it and forgot the flip it around.

Sephiroth: Where is she!?!?!
Batman: That's my line ;-;
Kefka: Why so serious, Mama's Boy?
Joker: seriously... did you just take my line?


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kaijudo Aug 26, 09
Nice way to see the worlds of Final Fantasy and Batman collide! Definately a thumbs up from me!
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MDX Jan 30, 10
That's funny about the right-to-left comment, because I've been reading a lot of doujin, and I automatically read this right-to-left, lol.
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zshippozx Mar 19, 10
lol o snap its kefka xP WAAHAHAHAHA
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kevinmatthew Feb 6, 12
I like it! I like it a lot!

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