A drawing of my favorite Kingdom Hearts guy, Roxas (sorry Riku, you got demoted xD )

I've been meaning to do this picture since the dawn of time but never could get up the motivation to actually sit down and do it till I got a couple people at AFO requesting it. lol

So anyway, I really love Roxas. I love the thought put into his character design-- the black and white clothing with just a touch of red, showing he's both good and bad with a splash of individuality. Plus he's adorable !!! I wish you could have played as him more in KHII if I had known it was only for the beginning I would have taken my time with the first part lol!

I love drawing eyes, a picture with super detail everywhere that fails to detail the eyes looks dead. I always start with the eye when I draw my pictures, and I like to make them the focus of the picture. They are the gateway to the soul, and the best way I know of to communicate emotion in a portrait. So that's why I made only the eyes colored.
And to match my Namine picture, Blue Eyes https://www.neoseeker.com/series/kingdom_hearts/fanart/view_images/878-NamineBust_106909_Er0xG_thumb.html

Other Kingdom Heart art: https://www.neoseeker.com/series/kingdom_hearts/fanart/view_images/568-sora_106909_8AhBv_thumb.html

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Lavender Blush Oct 10, 09
This is so good! The eyes definitely stand out, and I love his hair. <3

Your a super good artist nayru20. ^__^
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flamingtunapictures Jan 28, 10
I love the eyes, shiny blue
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Silent_Inf3rno Nov 23, 10

Great job on making the eyes stand out.

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