So I'm totally ADDICTED to Okami right now XD I had the irrepressible urge to draw her. At first I was going to draw her with Sakuya sitting next to her.. but that didn't work out XD since Okami looks like a puppy in this picture, I couldn't get Sakuya to fit into the frame without making Okami a very big puppy 0.0 I couldn't just leave the area blank so I filled it in with stuff from the game

Anywho, I took my own liberties with Okami, and didn't stay true to the original art style of the games.. which is weird because the game's unique graphics style is one of main reasons I'm drawn to it (no pun intended ).

wadda ya thing? pass, fail?


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Meleekimy Jan 26, 10
Ahhhh *squeek* So cute!!! You make me want to enter my computer screen and hug the Chibi Amaterasu!! You pass, no worries ^^

Do not worry, the graphics of the game (amazing, isn't it?) kind of made me addict as well. I can't wait for it to go out on the DS =D

Lol, go Chibi puppy =3
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nayru20 Jan 27, 10
Shucks, Thanks!

OMG! I know, right? Okami on the DS=best idea ever!!

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