I uploaded this one by mistake. Now I can't seem to get rid of it XD!!

Well, umm what to say? Except, spare me!! >___<'' I really got his face wrong. No way anyone could ever have a nose that big. And the lips, Oh, gah the lippps!!


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irrelevantmaverick Sep 15, 07
aw, his nose and lips are cute! heck, i want to plant a kiss on those lipsXD wow, i can't do any computer graphics and this one is one Axel would be proud of=) love the flames on his hand, it's really cool.
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nayru20 Sep 16, 07
Aww, much thanks! You've made my day. ^^
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JJoploo Jul 13, 08
eah i realy agree..i also like what you did with his hair! he looks like a hedghog...very cute!
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everything_will_do2 Jan 22, 09
What's wrong wit you today, it broke my heart, since i'm a fan of your pics...

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