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well, haven't really seen a lot of "nude model" styled pics of Assajj Ventress since well,.....ever.

so considering what little time it actually took to make this i figured i would enjoy posting for everyone, hope to have some opinions about it, i know my art isn't much up to par with whats out there, but as long as i keep with it,

like Bob Ross says-"you can always get better"

hope you guys dig this.


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Estrugaz May 3, 09
Well, the reason you don't see many "nude model" styled pics of Asajj Ventress has a very simple reason: she is ugly and bald!
Lol anyway, I think it's awesome. I love the heat bubbles on the water. I would like however, of a white core on the lightsabers, Keep it up, we need more Star Wars fan art XD
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Bale Fire May 3, 09
Yeah, there's a good reason Assajj isn't sexualised, there isn't much to work with.

Though this isn't bad overall, good bubble and steam effects.
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LostEldar Jun 20, 09
Id just like to say that I dig the art, and that I to am a little sadden by the lack of Ventress pics on the net (nude or other wise)
.Lastly its heartening to know that someone else out there finds her at least a little attractive. Keep up the good work hope to see more.

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Elessar Aug 28, 09
Good imagery and great color feel. Also it helps to note that you have a good idea of how to frame subject matter. Accuracy in the actual drawing is relative in fantasy art design. A lot of the time, if it feels good and flows, it's enough. I like it.

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