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This my OC Koten (Classic) and Shadow the hedgehog
So cute...I had to re-edit this 5 times to make it look like how I imagined it to be.
Koten is an alternate ego of mine, a 22 year old boy who is mostly eating cakes and singing for the girls at the live streams.
I plan to do a video with his voice in it.

Unfinished version is here →


Kellybell | Sep 11, 13
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sayoran27 Sep 11, 13
You're spamming you know! I can see when PMs pop up and I have slow internet so hold your horses, child.
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Shadic Hearts Sep 14, 13
No offense, but it just looks like a recolored Sonic that has Shadow's color palette.
Sorry, I'm a critic. >_
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sayoran27 Sep 15, 13
Yeah sorry, I had no motivation that day XD
Yes I mostly aimed for that but in my own little way. I'm editing it more and more, my 3D model looks different from my illustation
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Shadic Hearts Sep 15, 13
3D model? You make 3D models?
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sayoran27 Sep 16, 13
Yes. I'm better at doing that than illustration.
I stopped drawing after a while because I developed art block. But I kept making models to improve Koten's design. You see, I'm planning on making a little short game-like video with him. ^^
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Shadic Hearts Sep 16, 13
Ooh, cool.

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