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Drawing this picture took 20 hrs, and I got stuck on a lot of things while I was at it (hands, poses, foreshortening).
The pic itself was drawn on Bristol paper, so large it had to be scanned twice and spliced together.

I wish I could have done better, but I love Dynasty Warriors, and am quite enamored with Zhao Yun as well, so I figured a fanart was in order no matter what!


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Requiem Apr 4, 08
Lovely stuff here. I like all the details, and the sharpness to the picture really allows us to view and appreciate these. I'm very impressed with those hands, too, the foreshortening and proportions look great, and the subtle tonal values work really well. It's clear you spent those 20 hours very effectively! The range of tones in the piece is nice too, giving the male character a real presence to the scene. Perhaps the woman and the horse 'merge' a bit in this respect, as their tonal values are quite similar, but this is a small thing. Defintely one of the best pieces of fan art here
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SPAZwazza Jul 5, 09
Despite the butterfly motif, that woman is actually a guy. xD Common mistake with Zhang He, he seems to get a little more feminine with every passing games.
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nayru20 Jul 27, 08

I couldn't agree more with the previous comment. Plus you were able to do it all with only black and white. That is no small feat.

I also love the range of textures you brought out (again, with only black and white!)

I've never played Dynasty Warriors before, but I found your piece inspiring, nonetheless.
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teal Jan 26, 10
Thanks you guys!
Yes, it's true, Zhang He becomes less and less masculine with each entry in the game series. :\
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Lovedove Sep 30, 14
I've never played this series before, but I love the character designs and artwork. Your rendition of it is amazing!!

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