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Have a fan art contest running in the Gaming Lounge themed off of retro gaming. In this round, the retro character meets a newer version of his/herself.

1986 Samus meets modern Samus. She's officially described as a strong, muscular woman weighing nearly 200 pounds without her suit. But I don't see it in zero-suit Samus. She just seems like a slim model with a cheerleader hairstyle. Plus I liked her better ginger/ brunette. Made her the Jessica Rabbit of space Amazons imo. Don't get me wrong. Playing zero-suit in SSBB is fun and adds even more value to Samus as a playable character in that series. I idolize her despite my criticism of how she is portrayed in younger games.

Ventured away from my usual coloring style for something a bit more patchy and rough with little definition. (Because I messed up the pen outline so needed a major change to conveniently cover it up.)

(I know she looks like a red head despite being described as brunette. Her hair color was pulled straight from her pixel self as featured in the first Metroid.)


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