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I made this a while back, and - to quote it as I posted it on Tumblr (Avialace) - I was right.
"WIP in CS4 that I’ll probably never finish. Was messing around with a new art style for cartoons.
The Harvest Goddess as she appears in Magical Melody."
Never finished it!


2 thumbs!
Dayami Jan 22, 16
U call that a wip? If u look at my gallery everything looks like a wip even when thyre not lol
1 thumbs!
Lesley Pro_04 Jan 23, 16
Fantastic! I cannot wait to see what this looks like when it's finished!
1 thumbs!
Avialace Jan 24, 16
It won't be! Haha. Kind of moved on to other art.
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Lesley Pro_04 Jan 24, 16
I'll definitely be looking forward to your next art piece!

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