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Kisses over cake, L? For shame. XD

The original drawing took about twenty minutes, while coloring it via the computer and editing out all my mishaps took about two hours. =

Poor Aya... She never stood a chance. XD (And I wont start anything on Watari. >_>; )

Overall, this was very fun to draw. >=D Thank you for your time~!


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ar_cat Jan 28, 08
The drawing is very adorable Keep up the good work!
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broken_love Feb 1, 08
awww thats so cute ^-^ and asome drawing too =]
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Bitter Sweet Jun 26, 08
Great drawing Lei! I love the looks of the people in the background. =P
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N Z L Feb 20, 09
LOL Watari!!! Nice one :3
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Kutiekinzie Mar 26, 11
Hehe, cute.

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