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Spyro in his orginal home world as an adult dragon. Sparx is hungry so Spyro stops for some fast food. Poor Baa-Baa sheep...

Art(C) Heiress AKA Grizzled-Dog

Spyro and Sparx and Poor Baa-baa Sheep (C)Insomniac and current Owners of the Spyro franchise.


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IceWolfklaske Jul 20, 08
Aw, the poor sheep.

Anyway, try to get rid of the whites.
Impressive set up, though.
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Heiress Jul 21, 08
Yes...I really can't stand this one because I have gotten a lot better by using my knowledge of manual color theory with colored pencils and I shake my head at this one. For you guys who actually know how to color on the computer or else where. I know what your thinking. What the heck! Crap! You fool! Then maybe not.
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JordanP70 Nov 26, 08
Cool!!! I really like it!!! What you said about it is wrong Heiress! It is so cool especialy the colour, it is so... you knnow, coloury!!! It has different colour for the light and dark!!! 20 / 10 ********** / *****
Last edited by JordanP70 :: Feb 2, 10
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spyroNcynder Apr 6, 09
I agree with jordan it is really neat, and colorful.
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Lone Drifter Aug 19, 09
Awww poor sheep, about to be devoured by a great purple beast. Yum yum lamp chops.
Last edited by Lone Drifter :: Aug 20, 09

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