I drew this early last year when I was a huge Code Lyoko fan. Aelita being my favorite character in the shows inspired me to draw her, and here she is.


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Krunal Jun 19, 07
OMG, I honestly, didn't expect much from the fan art, but wow, this is really something good. Keep it up
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Country Girl Jul 11, 07
Now I actually know where MCO got the character Aelita from for our HM: DS roleplay, lol! I still don't know what Code Lyoko is, but at least I know she's from there.

Great job Travis. Your fanart is excellent!
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RhasiirTheArcher Jul 14, 07
Wow, this is really good!!! You copied the style pretty well!
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00100100 Jul 27, 07
WOW! is that really alita!
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