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Felled like drawing when I watched and Listened to David Bowie's Lazarus song a couple of times, well, more like almost daily, It's the most awesome yet saddest song, and music video David send out before he passed away.

Kinda felled like drawing Stitch in the Lazarus video.
Been working on and off on this for a month, and In that entire time, I felled like playing videogames, but I kept myself strained from doing that because otherwise, this drawing never got finished, and it wasn't just one drawing, I planned on doing 2 versions, because I accidentally drew Stitch good this time, and I felled like I don't wanna waste it, and made a version where he's basically Stitch, and I made a version of Stitch in the Button Eyes outfit, in which he was mostly covered up, and that's why I will upload 2 versions of this drawing.

This is the Button Eyes Version of the drawing.

Based on David Bowie's Lazarus Music video:

Hope you like it. :3


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