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my first Aya Brea fanart! still a loooong wait til the game's official release though...

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xxChloe Aug 8, 09

I didn't know u have played PE. lol
Well, I know her. I never play PE but I know Aya Brea. She's famous. I like this drawing. You shud draw Jill from RE 3 too xD
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ieyasu Aug 17, 09
actually, i drew a Jill Valentine before...just can't seem to find it!
oh yeah we've talked this over MSN yesterday haha! i'm gonna draw her again weee ^^
Last edited by ieyasu :: Sep 29, 09
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xxChloe Aug 17, 09

Draw her again, Ie.. xD
And you still have promise to draw Tseng and Reno
(Because we don't wanna see Zack/Cloud/Genesis/Angeal/Sephy turned into bishounens)... but aren't they already bishounens ? xD

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klon_aya Feb 28, 11
I loved this!

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